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The trouble of the digital talaq is appeared as fantastically sensitive a few of the Muslims, not best in India but elsewhere. The Holy Quran is very cautious in matters of divorce. A new developing trend amongst men using equipment and website like sms, facebook, electronic mail and whatsapp to divorce their wives is a very new debate amongst scholars. While Muslim activists argued that divorcing using usual gear is against Islamic teaching due to the fact Islam has set system of Talaq. But the reality which global is facing these days can‟t be ignored. The dispute has been highlighted through reports of some Muslims right away divorcing their other halves by means of mail, facebook or whatsapp.The article seriously appraises the „innovative virtual talaq” by using examining whether or not it is sanctioned by using the Holy Quran or the Sunnah and if there may be a consensus of opinion (ijma) on the effectiveness of triple divorce.


Talaq, Digital-Talaq, Iddat, Shariat.

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Upasana Borah, Monika Bharati, and Mukesh Chopra, “THE EMERGING CONCEPT OF DIGITAL-TALAQ AND ITS VALIDITY WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO INDIA”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 5, p. 11, Jul. 2020.


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