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The project presents the actual stage of analysis and laboratory studies, undertaken in the frame of Post graduation program “Develop and Support Multidisciplinary Programs in Primordial technical Areas of National Strategy of the Research–Development–Innovation” aiming to produce to produce recycled aggregates with physical-mechanical characteristics suitable for use in rigid pavement construction. Recycled aggregates under investigation are obtained by crushing of cement concrete from the demolition of buildings in municipality. The main objective of the research is to achieve a higher economic value of the cement concrete resulted from demolitions by recycling and use in the construction of conventional cement concrete pavements(PCC – plain cement concrete) and roller compacted concrete pavements (RCC).An important benefit resulting by using recycled aggregates in pavement engineering is the reduction of the impact construction works on the environment by both limiting the exploitation of natural aggregates and the useof landfill construction and demolition wastes. Finally, a technical evaluation of the investigated recycled aggregates quality, in accordance with existing standards and norms, will be considered.


Recycled aggregate ,Mix Design, Various tests

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Mr. Abhishek J. Bobade and Prof. A.P. Dange, “REUSE WASTE MATERIAL IN ROAD FOR MAKING OF RIGID PAVEMENT”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 5, p. 7, Jul. 2020.


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