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Challenges faced by the world today aren’t limited to a single sphere. Multiple avenues pose threats like never before; global warming with melting of arctic ice, raging fires in Amazon and Australia, humanitarian crisis of refugees, civil war in Libya and other parts of the world pose threats to the very Human existence . The very ecology is threatened on multiple frontiers due to these challenges. None the less, associated with this Health crisis of humongous proportions is causing catastrophe in various ways.  As the world advances and countries strive to keep pace with development, the cut throat competition has worsened the health crisis more than ever. Imbalances brought by humans are no longer sustained by Mother Nature. As the environment changes rapidly Nature is unleashing its fury on us, and what could be truer in today’s world gripped by a Pandemic that’s unleashing its wrath. Looking back, we will see Gandhiji’s simplicity in laying down models for health and hygiene are more realistic and true than ever. As we move forward in post pandemic era, Gandhiji’s simple measures almost a century old, holds more value than ever before.


Challenges, Crisis of refugees, Global warming, Ecology, Health Crisis, Humongous, Proportion, Catastrophe, Pandemic, Hygiene.

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Baijayanti Ghosh, “GANDHIAN PHILOSOPHY OF HEALTH AND HYGEINE IN AN ERA OF PANDEMIC”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 5, p. 6, Aug. 2020.


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