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It is proposed to use the Burgers equation as a model equation in the development of a technique for the numerical study of the convergence and stability parameters of difference schemes when calculating the dynamics of a viscous medium by the method of grids. Exact solutions of the above equation are presented. To solve the parabolic burgers equation, two-step finite-difference methods are used.


Two-step method, explicit scheme, finite difference scheme, predictor, corrector, viscous term, first order of accuracy.

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Navruzov Dilshod Primkulovich, Raximov Dilshodjon Turdiali ugli, and Fardaev Jonibek Norkuloviya, “NUMERICAL METHODS OF BRAILOVSKY AND ALLEN-CHEN FOR SOLVING THE BURGERS EQUATION”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. CONGRESS, p. 3, Oct. 2020.


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