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The paper presents the Hallmark of Fabrication parameters and their intensive impact of current, voltage, and speed on ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of AISI 1030 mild steel material During Fabrication. A plan of experiments based on Taguchi technique Method has been Carried out. Orthogonal array, signal to noise (S/N) Ratio, Analysis of variance (ANOVA) are employed for studying the welding characteristics of material & to optimize the weld parameters. The result Obtained are the output from each parameter, through which optimal parameters are found out for maximum tensile strength. Observation-welding current and welding speed are major parameters has a deep impact on the tensile strength of welded joint.


MIG welding, optimization, orthogonal array, S/N ratio ANOVA

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Prof. S. A. Mahajan, “PARAMETRIC OPTIMIZATION OF GMAW WELDING PROCESS”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 6, no. ICMRD21, p. 8, Apr. 2021.