• Shamshetova Anjim Karamaddinovna Candidate of psychology, associate professor
  • Shamsieva Pokiza Isamovna Candidate of psychology, associate professor.


population psychology in the Aral Bay (Islandside) region, environmental problems and human psychology, environmental behavior, environmental consciousness


The creation of the Aral Sea, once the fourth largest lake in the world, is one of the world's greatest environmental tragedies. As a result of the drying up of the Aral Sea, a number of negative situations have arisen, including particles of toxic salt piles that have appeared in the Aral region, more than 75 million tons of dust and toxic salts rise from the Aral Sea every year, insufficient drinking water, the spread of dangerous diseases, and worsening living conditions. It is natural that the increasing population migration from the island region will cause social and psychological problems. The current environmental stress is self-evident We can see a negative impact on the mental development of people living in the Aral Bay region, that is, a change in attention to the necessary objects of nature, a sharp aggressiveness in the behavior of the person. Relationships with the nature of the environment related to these existing ecological problems were studied and their comparative analysis was presented. The psychological satisfaction of the population with the way of living, the cognitive and aesthetic attitudes towards the nature of the environment for the population affected by the environmental stress were determined to be very low. It was explained that there are psychological problems in the perception of nature among the population, which have a negative effect on their personality. It takes a strong will power in a person to fight and live with the current environmental problems. A person can find the will to live in difficult ecological conditions, but the fact that he reacts with high level of aggressiveness to some of the qualities that are manifested in his personal characteristics should make any psychologists think.


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