Thermal Analysis of single cylinder 4-Stroke SI Engine Fuel With Petrol (Gasoline) And Ethanol Blend.


  • Narendra D. Raghatate Department of mechanical engineering SSPACE, Wardha


SI engine, ethanol, thermal analysis


As the population of the world increases, consumption of the energy also increases tremendously. With the current consumption rate it has been quoted that there will be great shortage of petroleum products in upcoming decades, it may not be wrong. For this reason people are looking for alternative fuels. Sharp hike in petroleum prices and increase in environmental pollution jointly have necessitated exploring some renewable indigenous alternatives to conventional petroleum fuels. Also, depletion of fossil fuels, vehicular population, increasing industrialization, extra burden on home economy, growing energy demand, explosion of population, environmental pollution, emission norms, etc emphasize on the need for alternative fuels. The possible options we have are renewable energies solar power, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), alcohols, hydrogen, bio alcohol such as methanol, ethanol, butanol, batteries and fuel cells, propane, non-fossil methanol, non-fossil natural gas, emulsified fuels, biofuels mostly from non-edible seed oils, biodiesels i.e. trans-esterified form of seed based oils and other biomass sources. Ethanol produced from biomass has high octane number and good antiknock characteristic, less ozone depletion potential and global warming
potential than the pure gasoline, therefore it can be used as a blended fuel with gasoline fuel in the S.I. engine. In this work, thermal analysis of single cylinder 4- stroke spark ignition engine is carried out with fuel petrol and ethanol blends and facts supporting use of ethanol and petrol blends have been discussed. As the present government norms permits to use 10% of ethanol addition with the petrol, the current work focuses on the calculations & simulations for the same


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Narendra D. Raghatate, “Thermal Analysis of single cylinder 4-Stroke SI Engine Fuel With Petrol (Gasoline) And Ethanol Blend.”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 2, no. 5, p. 10, Sep. 2016.