Design and Fabrication of Automated Punching Machine


  • Mr. Jayant Khade1 assistant professor


punching, CAM arrangement, auto roll.


In this project we are fabricating Auto roll punching machine. This project is specially designed for automatic punching in work piece. This project is to introduce automation in industries. The major components involved in this project are dc motor, CAM arrangement, conveyor arrangement and punching tool. In this project we are using two rollers, for winding and unwinding the sheet during operation. A DC motor is connected with the winding roller. A chain driver is used to transmit the power from the motor to the punching tool. The sprocket connected with the punching tool has CAM arrangement. The CAM arrangement is to convert the rotary motion of the chain drive to linear motion. The CAM provides the linear movement to the punching tool, the punching tool moves through the guide provided. After placing the work piece in the roller, the motor will be switched ON. As the motor rotates the winding roller connected to it also rotates, providing the required movement for the work piece. The CAM also starts working and the punching operation will be done automatically with equal intervals.


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