Experimentation And Testing Of Blend Of Pentanol (C5h11oh) And Gasoline On 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Variable Compression S.I. Engine.


  • Mr. Saurabh V. Lonkar 1 Student-MTech (HPE), Department of Mechanical Engineering, SSPACE, Wardha, 2 Professor.
  • , Prof. Chandrakant B. Kothare2 Department of mechanical engineering SSPACE,wardha,
  • , Prof.Kumar S. Raizada3 Principal, Agnihotri College of Engg ,wardha


[Brake thermal efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption, emission control]


Internal combustion engine are the most preferred prime mover across the world. Spark ignition engine is preferred locomotive prime mover due to its smooth operation and low maintenance. The gasoline is fossil fuel which is limited in reservoirs causes varieties of study in search of alternative fuel for SI engine, where alcohol promises best alternative fuel. Increased oil consumption rising fuel prices and along with the lack of sustainability of oil-based fuels have generated an interest in alternative, renewable sources of fuel for internal combustion engines, namely alcohol-based fuels. Comparative testing of pentanol, ethanol and gasoline on the basis of blending percentage is first part, followed by investigation of oxygen role on the basis of oxygen percentage in the blend. An experimental investigation was conduct to determine the emission characteristics of higher alcohols and gasoline (UTG96)) blends. While lower alcohols (ethanol) had been used in blends with gasoline. Comparisons of emissions and fuel characteristics between higher alcohol/gasoline blends and neat gasoline was made to determine the advantages and disadvantages of blending higher alcohols with gasoline. All tests were conducted on a 4-Stroke single cylinder Variable Compression Engine. An attempt has been made to obtain optimal blend with some percentage of Pentanol, ethanol, butanol and propano


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Mr. Saurabh V. Lonkar, , Prof. Chandrakant B. Kothare2, and , Prof.Kumar S. Raizada3, “Experimentation And Testing Of Blend Of Pentanol (C5h11oh) And Gasoline On 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Variable Compression S.I. Engine.”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 2, no. 5, p. 8, Sep. 2016.