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Optical fiber has found the increased application in field of technology with passage of time. There are many advantages of optic fiber over other conventional technologies  . The Fly-By-Wire technology brought revolution in flight control system. Optical fiber technology is seen as next generation flight control system. The optical fiber technology in aerospace industry was first practically implemented in airship. The fiber optic added a new dimension to aircraft control systems in the form of Fly-By-Light (FBL) control system. Despite of all the features as in light-weight, miniaturized size, optimum design, practical application is still constrained. To boost the application of FLY BY LIGHT system, FLASH Program was initiated by NASA in early 20th Century which gave ease to flight control system .Using FBL system it has proved cost effective than FBW . This article gives insights of architectural design and working comparison of FLY BY WIRE and FLY BY LIGHT system of control.


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Chanakya Hingu, Tejas Pardamwar, and Ruchika Wankhede, “INTRODUCTION TO FLY-BY-LIGHT CONTROL IN AIRCRAFT”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 5, p. 4, Jun. 2020.


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