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The virtual fitting room is an application in which we can do simulation of trying-on clothes, it is like video game pf dressing room only in which we can check which cloth is suitable for particular individual, by placing it in front of the camera. It has the ability to make us experience the virtual feature of an application because of which we can check whether it is satisfying customer requirement before buying them. A virtual fitting room basically is an alternative of changing room. It does not need physical presence of shopper. It works virtually rather than physically. As there is greater demand of online shopping nowadays, this alternative will help the shopper in terms of size fit or style as well. A virtual fitting room will be very helpful for people who prefer online shopping and to people who don't too as it will diminish the need of going out and shopping for apparels. For online marketers, this will be very profitable to showcase their products.


Keywords—Face detection, Haar classifier, Viola jones, Thresholding, Virtual try-on ,2D model

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Sahera Nadaf, Meenakshi Ghorpade, and Pranali Kumbhar, “SMART VIRTUAL FITTING ROOM”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 5, p. 7, Jun. 2020.


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