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Progressive web application is the new way to provide fea- tures of both native apps as well as web browser and to pro- vide security and is accessible for everyone over the web. We are collaborating PWA (Progressive Web Application) with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide better user expe- rience to the customers. So our app not only can be used as normal app but also handles the whole salon management systems and helps customers to choose best salon in the location, best service and employee based on reviews and ratings provided by other customers. If customers are busy in something and can’t make time to book appointment our AI assistant will do it for them. You can just tell the assis- tant to get the appointment for whichever service you need and other specifications, it works in the background, books appointment and notifies the customers once its done. The system makes the conversation as natural as possible. Maps embedded in web app can help to find the locations of the salons. So the main aim of the project is to provide plat- form for salon owners to grow business and help customers to choose best services and also secured and user friendly experience on our web app.


PWA (Progressive Web Application), Artifical Intelligence, Machine learning, API (Application program Interface), chatbot, wordpress, digital ocean

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Dhanashri Jagadale, Priyanka Patil, Vaishnavi Udanshiv, and Sanjay Shitole, “PROGRESSIVE WEB APPLICATION FOR SALONS USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 5, p. 8, Jun. 2020.


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