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Voting system using blockchain aims at providing the facility to cast vote from anywhere. It has the workability to allow casting of vote from any remote location. The election is held in full confidentiality that security is maintained in such a manner that voter can vote only if he logs into the system by entering the correct username and password. Voter will get the username and secret password to cast his vote. The voter will log into the system using his unique ID, they will then give his/her vote which will be stored into block-chain. Internet voting focuses on security, privacy, and secrecy issues, as well as challenges for stakeholder involvement and observation of the process. A new approach is proposed for voting system to prevent manipulation of the votes. Block chain overcomes the drawbacks of the previous voting system. It increases the security by not allowing the hacker to affect the rest of the nodes in the block chain. Voters can effectively submit their vote without revealing their identity or political preferences to the public. Counting votes becomes easy for the official since only one vote can be casted by each voter. no fake accounts can be created by anyone.


Voting, Block-Chain, Database.

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Prof. S. Sankareswari, Mr. Pankaj Chavan, Ms. Aysha Rajpurkar, and Ms. Shalaka Dhavade, “VOTING SYSTEM USING BLOCK-CHAIN TECHNOLOGY”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 5, p. 6, Jun. 2020.


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