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Grid connected photovoltaic systems (GCPS) can be a solution to meet the growing electricity demand and also for reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. The major role of the inverter in GCPS is to convert generated DC power to AC and inject the AC power into the grid. As compared to Voltage Source Inverters (VSI), advantages of Current Source Inverters (CSI) are better current quality, short-circuit protection, enhanced maximum power point tracking efficiency, better reliability, higher gain and reduced switching losses. However, grid connected CSI topologies are not used much for grid interface applications mainly because of the huge inductor required at the input side and effect of resonance due to the output filter. Either novel topologies or modified topologies and control schemes were suggested by researchers to reduce the value of input side inductor. This paper presents a detailed survey of various conventional and modified CSI topologies and different control schemes used in GCPS.


current source inverter, inductor, harmonics, control schemes, PV systems.

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Esther Jennifer Isaac and Mini Rajeev, “A SURVEY OF CURRENT SOURCE INVERTER TOPOLOGIES AND CONTROL SCHEMES FOR GRID CONNECTED PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 5, p. 9, Jun. 2020.


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