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The Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) has been one of the most rapidly growing wood-based composite panel products to enter the world market in recent years.A large number of boards (nearly 10-15 % or about 1 lac Cbm per year) rejected in the market because of deformitiesfor example, powerless internal fiber arrangement, low Bending and elasticity, low internal bonding, sides lose, de-lamination problem and rough surface, among others.The number of paper had reviewed on properties of MDF which is affected by hot press temperature etc. So this paper completely concentrate on Optimization of Medium Density Fiberboard by using multiple response characteristics by Taguchi and Grey Relational Analysis(GRA) method.Manufacturing process parameters such as Moisture contents in fiber mat, Press cycle time of hot press, the temperature of thermo oil in hot press plate and hydraulic pressure applied by hot press plate and the influence of these variables on Internal Bonding (IB) strength of the panel and bending strength were considered for the study. By analyzing Taguchi and Grey relational analysis, the degree of influence for each controllable manufacturing process factor on to individual targets can be found. An optimal condition for the manufacturing of MDF is obtained via GRA. The optimal combination of process parameters for multiple performance optimization has been set at Moisture (8%), Press cycle time(260 sec), hydraulic pressure (165 bar) and temperature (230 oC)


Internal Bonding, Bending, Taguchi Technique ,GRA

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M. Abuzar, Aneeta Saif, and Prof. Dr Sahar Noor, “PROCESS OPTIMIZATION OF MEDIUM DENSITY FIBERBOARD”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 5, p. 14, Aug. 2020.


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