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One of the major problems that the world faces today for both urban and rural areas is water scarcity. There are instances where clean drinking water is not good enough for the individuals who are present in the community. Philippines is one of the countries all over the world that is experiencing lack of water supply and clean drinking water, and this problem is also related to water pollution. This recommends that harvesting rainwater must be given prior attention and encouraged as a sustainable substitute for water supply as well as for integrated development. The Micro-controller Based Rainwater to Potable Water for Household system has its own potential to contribute to the conservation of clean drinking water usage. This is also an affordable water filtration system that can be used in households. Micro-controller Based Rainwater to Potable Water for Household system is consists of water reservoir, water filters, UV lamp, sensors, pump and pipes in order to create this complete system. The objective of this research is to collect rainwater through


Microcontroller-based, pH level sensor, Rainwater, UV lamp treatment, Water Filtration System, Water sensor

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Jacob B. Quinto, Mark Anthony T. Fabian, Cyrene T. Ladrera, and Dr. Paquito G. Fernando Jr, “MICROCONTROLLER-BASED RAINWATER TO POTABLE WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM FOR HOUSEHOLDS”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. Special Issue, p. 8, Sep. 2020.


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