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Extensive work in the field of measurement shows that its role in science and technology and in the life of human society is extremely high. And, of course, the development of society is determined by the status and capabilities of measurements and its metrological support. Ensuring the uniformity of measurements is one of the most pressing issues in metrology. Therefore, any measurement information obtained as a result of measurements (regardless of the conditions, time and place of the measurements) is important and useful in ensuring the unity of measurement in the required accuracy.


Uzstandart, metrologica, label, export, standard, Oz DSt, modification.

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Isroilov Fakhriddin Murodqosimovich, Bozorov Alisher Ganisherovich, and Altmishev Bobur Sunnatiaevich, “METHOD OF DETERMINATION OF STANDARD UNCERTAINTY OF MEASUREMENT MEASURING”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 6, no. ICDSIIL, p. 5, Feb. 2021.