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In this article the place and researches of N.Rakhimjanov on the theory of Uzbek literature was analysed. No’mon Rakhimjanov interprets the processes of renewal in our literature, first of all, in connection with the worldview. According to the scientist, "the change in socio-political, philosophical systems is, first of all, the change of worldviews." In this sense, the attitude to the work of art has been radically renewed. The scientist shows the peculiarities of this update on the basis of ten-point principles and draws certain conclusions from his observations.


Theory, literature, analysis, research, Uzbek poetry, interpretation

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Ro’zigul Sadulloyevna Qodirova, “NO’MON RAKHIMJANOV’S RESEARCH ON THE THEORY OF UZBEK POETRY”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 6, no. TITFL, pp. 302-307, Apr. 2021.


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