• Tushar G. Nakod PG Student M.E.4thSemester,Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, G H Raisoni college of engineering and management
  • Prof. N. N. Mandaogade Assistant Professor, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati. Maharashtra, INDIA



Over the past few decades, renewable energy has garnered enormous attention which has increased the importance of photovoltaic systems significantly. However, these PV systems are susceptible to a variety of faults resulting in the variability of PV output power. In the absence of timely detection, these faults cause output power to decrease, rendering the PV array system unreliable.Additionally, in some cases, the system falls prey to aging or wear and tear. Therefore, detection of the fault and also the identification of the type of fault are of paramount importance to ensure optimal functioning of the PV array system. In this paper, fault classification and detection in the photovoltaic array systems using machine learning techniques have been attempted. We evaluate the performance of the classifiers based on Support Vector Machine and Random Forest algorithms. Simulation results reveal that the Random Forest classifier has the maximum accuracy (and thus the minimal mean squared error) using MATLAB software.


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