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In order to study about the commercialisation of dress is one of the promoting factor of rape culture in India, at first we have to know what is meant by commercialisation of dress?  where the bless of modernization and westernization, the people become highly westernised or using ultra modern dress, it is very attractive to look but sometimes these attractive dress  become more harmful and dangerous for the younger or adult women. Mainly the  dress manufacturer become more commercial in attitude always making dress for  their more profit those who has  strong belief on  ultra modern fashion that can make only for their sale profit benefit. They never thought about traditional cultural values, manner, and etiquette and also  they have no concern with the cultural and social values. So, their commercial motives and manufacturing a commercial dresses become gradually more harmful for young and adult women those who are wearing and using frequently this attractive and modern dress for their own personality development. In Indian scenario in contemporary Indian society system where repeatedly women have to face eve-teasing, assaulting and rape. But most of the time not only rape but rape and murder is happening very frequently, which is more pathological and so dangerous to our society, its a very vital  social problems because where gender discrimination have a strong root in our patriarchal society. Where inhuman practice of dowry system has strong social sanctioned and also deprivation of women  have become a normal social attitude, though where  male domination, patriarchal values are more important than female. Not only male but most of the  female never allowed more free and freedom of  young  or unmarried women for their jealousy  and rivalry. But  for frequent increase entry of rape and murder where has more responsible factors  obviously but dress is one of them also  where social media is very strong, which become most available for each and every group like child adult senior as well as most of the people are watching various kinds of necked and porn video etc. The country like India where a traditional culture, traditional value and morality is pravelling from thousands of year. But now the western culture and western way of life become frequent  to people, who is imitating and using westernize as well as commercialize dresses.


Westernization, commercial attitude, gender discrimination, pathological

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Pratap Kumar Ghorai and Ipsita Chakraborty, “THE COMMERCIALISATION OF DRESS IS ONE OF THE PROMOTING FACTOR OF RAPE IN INDIA”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 6, no. 5, p. 4, Sep. 2021.


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