• Sandeep M. Nair PG student, Dept. of Electrical Engg. GCE, Karad
  • Prof. S. A. Morkhade Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engg. GCE, Karad




Solar Canal, Micro-hydro, Grid Tied Inverter


With Increasing Energy demand throughout the world and limited availability of fossil fuel resources, there is a need to tap into non-conventional sources of generation. Renewable sources provide green energy and can be scaled up according to the availability of resource and demand of energy. Standalone Renewable Energy sources (RESs) like Wind Power, Solar Power etc. are subjected to intermittency and variability.  A Hybrid plant of RES PV and Hydro plant can provide flexibility and Stable Power Supply. This Paper presents a model for study of Hydro PV Hybrid and further a software based Economic and Technical feasibility analysis of hydro PV Hybrid Plant is carried out. Through this study we analyse feasibility of a Solar-Hydro Hybrid plant and Techno-Economic aspects of Power Generation of a specific Hybrid plant with a case study on a specific existing Hydro plant with focus on maximum efficiency, less water usage and successful fulfilment of unit Commitment for Local Load. ETAP and Homer Pro software's are used for analysis.


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Sandeep M. Nair and Prof. S. A. Morkhade, “FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS OF CANAL TOP SOLAR-HYDRO PLANT BASED HYBRID GENERATION”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 6, no. ICRRTNB, p. 11, Nov. 2021.