• Jeetendra Kumar Jha ME Scholar, PRMIT&R Badnera
  • Dr. P. S. Pajgade Professor & HOD PRMIT&R Badnera



History of construction area shows that not only engineered structures but non engineered structures are also susceptible during its life span, hence there is need to check structural health of a structures periodically with proper investigation. As far as structural health monitoring is concern, old as well as newly constructed structures are also need to monitor. In this research case study was carried out and investigate different elevated storage tank located in Amravati region. Amravati district is located between 21o46` N to 20o32` N and 78o27` E to 76o37` E, which essentially indicates that Amravati district is in the Deccan Plateau. This region faces extreme variations in temperature with very hot summers and very cold winters. After a structural health monitoring of eight ESRs located in Amravati region it is concluded that ESR located at Nimbi need to be retrofitted by applying different strengthening/retrofitting measures.


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