• Seema Kumari Singh School of Commerce & Management, Sandip University, Nashik, India
  • Dr. Samadhan A Bundhe Assistant Professor, Guide School of Commerce & Management Sandip University, Nashik


Retention, retention strategies, turnover, factors affecting turnover, turnover intentions, job dissatisfaction.


The nurses’turnover  has been a and global challenge .The administrators of hospitals and human resource  managers are struggling hard to sustain the workforce of nurses in health  care sector.A dream of healthy nation  can not be envisaged without  their immense cooperation in health care delivery system.The national and international organisations sensitized the  government  and the world on nursing shortage .During Covid 19 pandemic ,owing to nursing shortage ,it was  imperatively realized to plan and implement   effective and suitable retention  strategies for employed nurses so  to minimize their turnover  in our country.


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