• Prof. Kavita P. Patil Assistant Professor, G. H.Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India


Generic Medicines, Awareness, use of medicines, customers, Financial burden, bills of medicines, Non generic medicines.


India is one of the countries that produce generic medicines on a large scale. In COVID 19, people faced a lot of financial burdens due to medical bills. Though generic medicines are available, affordable, and of good quality, the perception of people towards them is unfavorable, and some people are not even aware of the use of generic medicines. So the present study focuses on the level of customer awareness about generic medicines in Jalgaon district and how the people who are engaged in the activity of healthcare services can promote generic medicines as the best option to reduce the medical expenses of common people.

The paper also focuses on how ignorance about generic medicines has an impact on the financial condition of consumers.


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