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An anti -theft system for electric motor includes controller, feedback circuit and alarm circuit. The feedback circuit continuously monitor the electric motor load, if the motor load is disconnected controller gives alarm with the help of buzzer.This paper reports the design and development of an innovative anti –theft alarm system for electric motor pumps. The pumps are frequently stolen which as serious impact on agricultural production in accordance with the advantage of current transformer, Low power slew rate limited transceiver. The system consists of three main parts a PIC microcontroller,Current transformer and signal driver and feedback circuit. The Electric Motor costs are very high, when motors are on ,it’s very simple to detect the stealing of cables and motors when motors are off ,it’s very difficult to detect the stealing of the motors. The unit is part of motor driving circuit, cannot be identified easily as an anti-theft electric motor by the burglar. The objective of this project is to design such a system which will try to reduce the illegal use of electricity and also reduce the chances of theft. This project will automatically collect the reading and also detect the theft This model reduces manual manipulation work and try to achieves theft control. And also we can track the motor. If the motor is pulling out of the water then GSM send message to the user and user get alert about motor is going to be stolen. Once the motor has been stolen then it is possible to track the motor by using GPS system. And that is most advantage of the this project.


GSM and GPS ,Tracking motor, Embedded Domain.

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Dr. Kutubuddin Kazi, Ashit Gaikwad, Amogsidha Chendke, Nizam Mulani, and Mangrule Sarika, “SUBMERSIBLE PUMP THEFT INDICATOR”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 4, p. 5, May 2020.


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