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The article is devoted to the methods of transformation in the design of clothing. The analysis of information obtained as a result of studying literary sources, archival and museum materials gives an idea of ​​the variety of types of transformation used in clothes, and allows you to compile a classification of techniques and methods of transforming a costume, which is an important part of the initial information for designing modern transformable products for various purposes.


costume transformation, transformation methods, metonymy and metaphor.

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S. I. SHARIPOVA and A. J. ADIZOVA, “THE STUDY OF FIGURATIVE-ASSOCIATIVE TRANSFORMATIONS IN NATIONAL UZBEK CLOTHING”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 4, p. 5, Jun. 2020.


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  6. SharipovaSaodatIslamovna - trainee researcher at the Department of Light Industry Technologies of the Bukhara Engineering and Technology Institute, tel. (+99893) 456-90-80,
  7. Adizova Aziza Jurakulovna - Assistant of the Department "Fundamentals of Mechanics and Land Transport Systems" of the Bukhara Engineering and Technology Institute tel. (+99890) 298-94-12