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Water is very important in our daily life. The quality of water is very important aspects. Hence, we have to check the quality of water in real time to ensure safe and clean water. The system measures the physical and chemical parameters of water such as pH, level, turbidity, temperature, humidity, dissolve oxygen, conductivity, etc. In this project paper we present a system for real-time monitoring of the water quality using raspberry pi. The system consists of pH sensor, Turbidity sensor, Dissolve Oxygen sensor that are used to check the quality of water. The processor is Raspberry-pi. The measured values from the sensor can be processed by ADC and Raspberry pi. The data is instantaneously viewed on mobile/laptop/PC by using Wi-Fi in the form of Webpage.


pH sensor, Turbidity sensor, DO sensor, Raspberry-pi3b

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Ms. Nutan Oak, Ms. Pratiksha Mandalekar, Mr. Suraj Gurav, Ms. Pradnya Gokhale, Mr. Avinash Pawar, and Mr. Ketan Kundiya, “DESIGN AND DEVELOP WATER QUALITY MONITORING SYSTEM”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 5, p. 8, Jun. 2020.


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