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Vortex spun yarn is one of the advanced spinning technologies among other conventional spinning technologies. It is yet in intense development and academic work stage as one of the modern technology. This report contains the cotton-polyester spun yarn properties as an additional reference to the vortex spun yarn study. For this reason, we have developed same count yarn such as Ne 30/1 with four different levels of air pressure by using the Murata Vortex Spinning System. After that, the produced yarn specimens are then tested based on their yarn evenness, hairiness, tenacity, elongation %, and CLSP (Count Lea Strength Product). We have seen how the properties of yarn are altered with the change of spindle air pressure. The outcomes of this study have disclosed that the properties of yarn change with increased pressure. After the experiment, we found out the standard spindle air pressure is 0.50 MPa. Although CLSP (Count Lea Strength Product) reaches its maximum point at 0.55 MPa, yet with the increasing pressure twist is also increasing and cost would be high.


Vortex yarn, CVC yarn, spindle air pressure, yarn properties, yarn count.

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Pranay Dutta, Mohammad Abu Sufian, and Iqbal Hossain Imran, “EFFECT OF AIR PRESSURE ON THE COTTON/POLYESTER BLENDED VORTEX SPUN YARN PROPERTIES IN TERMS OF UNIFORM YARN COUNT”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 6, no. ICMRD21, p. 8, Apr. 2021.