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One of the significant parameters of yarn is the Imperfection Index (IPI). This IPI value can be controlled using different diameter spacers because the spacer diameter makes a massive difference in yarn production. Imperfection Index represents whether the produced yarn has good strength, fineness, and appearance or not. That is why Imperfections have a decisive influence on the utility and market value of yarn. This research is primarily aimed at not only how to curb the Imperfection Index using different spacers of different diameters but also to see how various diameters of the spacer have a relatively good influence on controlling yarn imperfections. In the experiment, Ne 30/1 carded yarn was produced each time using three different spacers.  The test specimens have been examined by using a USTER TESTER 5. Then, the properties of the generated yarns were compared to analyze the spacer diameter's effect on the characteristics of the yarn in the ring frame. The best result has been obtained from this experiment using a low diameter spacer, which is a yellow color spacer with a diameter of 2.2 mm. Hence, we concluded that Imperfection Index would be high if we use a high-diameter spacer


Imperfection Index, Ring frame, IPI, Uster Tester, Spacer.

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Abdullah Al Parvez, Pranay Dutta, Md. Imranul Shahid, and MD Abdullah Akib, “ANALYSIS OF THE IMPERFECTION INDEX (IPI) VALUE OF CARDED YARN PRODUCED BY USING DIFFERENT DIAMETER SPACERS ON THE RING FRAME SPINNING MACHINE”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 6, no. ICMRD21, p. 7, Apr. 2021.

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